What are electromagnetic fields?

What are electromagnetic fields?

“No other technology has impacted us like the mobile-phone – it is the fastest growing man-made phenomenon ever – from zero to 7.2 billion in 3 decades.”

KEVIN KIMBERLIN - Chairman of Spencer Trask & Co

EMFs are the emission and transmission of energy in the form of waves through space or a material, a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force. We are all electric, evolving from and within a natural electrical environment. The earth itself is a giant dipole magnet with poles north and south. These magnetic fields play an important role in nature, dictating migration patterns of animals as well as determining our own circadian rhythms, among many other things. EMFs are generated by natural phenomena like the earth’s magnetic field, but also from man-made sources and human activities, mainly through the use of electricity. EMFs are here in our world 24/7.

One of the worst culprits of EMF emissions is your cell phone.

All cell phones in “on” mode emit non-ionizing microwave or radio frequency radiation, even when not in use. There are extensive worldwide studies that show non-ionizing EMFs can be absorbed in all living organisms; humans, animals and insects, even plants and bacteria. The EMFs emitted from our cell phones have the most impact on us as they are so close to us, and they are always on. The amount of radiation received from wireless devices depends on proximity and duration of exposure. The closer the cell phone, the higher the amount of microwave radiation that will penetrate your body.

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