Sharkchaser Wellness

Design To Protect

Ultimately we wanted to create an object of beauty, allowing our customers to confidently move through their diverse worlds and experiences. We also know that cell phones are an important part of our lives and we rarely move through life without them. However, cell phones emit intense bursts of microwave radiation even when not on a call and therefore our bags provide a scientifically verified way to shield your body from this radiation.

SHARKCHASER handbags have specifically placed linings made with one of the most powerful EMF shielding fabrics available in the world, providing 65-80 decibel (dB) attenuation over 30MHz to 1GHz, which gives 99% shielding effectiveness.

This fabric is a specific combination of diverse metals, INCLUDING MEDICAL GRADE SILVER, with a Cobalt alloy top coating, that allow our bags to provide both remarkable electric and magnetic shielding, particularly for near-field situations, such as when you hold a cell phone close to your body. This material was independently tested per the D4935-89 standard from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

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