C E L L P H O N E S   E M I T   I N T E N S E

B U R S T S  O F   M I C R O W A V E   R A D I A T I O N

E V E N   W H E N   N O T   O N  A  C A L L.


S H A R K C H A S E R  handbags have been designed with specifically placed linings made with a unique fabric that will protect your body from 99.99% of the electric fields and radio frequencies that cell phones emit.
It is imperative that you wear the bag with the shielding closest to your body and never with the phone between your body and the shielding.

We also suggest that you don’t keep your phone anywhere close to your body without appropriate shielding and please never hold the phone up to your head when you wait for someone to answer or when on a call.