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About 10 years ago, I was carrying my phone in a thin pouch attached to my body, for a good part of each day. I instinctively felt this could not be good for my health, a powerful mini-computer close to my body, so consistently and for such long periods of time. I began to research if cell phones were dangerous, and what effects they could have on our health. What I discovered led me to conceive SHARKCHASER.

I wanted to use creativity and good design to solve this problem, one that was facing all of us and that most didn’t even know existed. I didn’t want to give people horror stories, or shame them, I wanted to solve this problem to allow people to get on with their lives without having to worry about it. We are not anti tech, but we are pro safe tech. Ultimately, I wanted SHARKCHASER to enrich peoples lives, leading with beauty, pleasure and purpose, all in equal balance.

Unfortunately, we cannot protect you from all the electromagnetic radiation pollution that surrounds us as EMFs are constantly being emitted from many other devices, such as microwaves, computers, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, smart meters and smart appliances, anything Bluetooth or wireless. The EMFs emitted from all these machines can also have a biological effect on us. Managing how long they are on for and keeping your body at a distance from them is key. Making a wireless device wired is always the safest solution.

It is also important to state that we are not doctors. However, our products have been guided by science and we have taken consultation from experts in the field of electromagnetic radiation, acknowledging doctors and scientists, their studies, as well as professionals in the shielding industry. Our materials have been independently tested and accredited, and we have designed the bags so that our customers can be appropriately shielded from the radiation their cell phones emit.

What are electromagnetic fields?

EMFs, also called electromagnetic radiation, is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves through space or a material, a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force. We are all electric. Human beings evolved in a natural electrical environment. The earth itself is a giant dipole magnet with poles north and south and magnetic fields that play an important role in nature, dictating migration patterns and controlling our own circadian rhythms, among many other things. EMFs are generated by natural phenomena like the earth’s magnetic field, but also from man-made sources and human activities, mainly through the use of electricity. EMFs are here in our world 24/7.

‘Radiation is no longer merely the bombardment of cosmic rays, the ultraviolet of the sun that have existed before there was any life on earth; radiation is now the unnatural creation of man’s tampering of the atom…they are the synthetic creations of man’s inventive mind, brewed in his laboratories, and having no counterparts in nature.’ Rachel Carson from ‘Silent Spring’

EMFs are typically classified into two major groups: Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation Ionizing means that a particular EMF has enough energy to transform neutral atoms into an atom with a positive charge. Ions are a problem as they can produce free radicals, the body requires a certain level of these to stay healthy, but when produced in excess quantities they can become problematic, by attacking the complex and precisely formed molecules of your cell membranes, proteins, stem cells, and mitochondria and convert them to damaged, and sometimes, useless forms. Ionizing radiation can also cause DNA damage. Nonionizing radiation does not have enough energy to create ions, and therefore it has been generally regarded as safe and biologically harmless. But we are now learning that there are other mechanisms by which nonionizing radiation can cause damage to living cells.

One of the worst culprits of EMF emissions is your cell phone.

All cell phones in “on” mode emit non-ionizing microwave or radio frequency radiation, even when not in use. EMFs can be absorbed in all living organisms; humans, animals and insects, even plants and bacteria. Our cell phones have the most impact on us as they are so close to us, and they are always on.

The amount of radiation received from wireless devices depends on proximity and duration of exposure. The closer the cell phone, the higher the amount of microwave radiation that will penetrate your body. The cell phone is constantly looking for a connection to Wi-fi and cell towers, and it is these constant pulses to connect that are the most dangerous, producing intense bursts of powerful radiation that penetrate our body, disrupting our own natural electric fields, causing breaks in cell membranes, breaks in DNA, and release of chemical “stress’ messengers in the body.

Designed to protect

SHARKCHASER derives its name from the from the “Shark Chaser” repellent, a survival kit first issued by the US Navy and Air Force during World War II. Comprised of copper salts and dye in a large cloth tea bag, it deterred potential potential shark attacks.

SHARKCHASER handbags are made with one of the most powerful EMF shielding fabrics in the world, uniquely placed within the bag, shielding your body but allowing the phone to function fully, without increasing or decreasing its power. This shielding provides 99% effectiveness from the radiation your cell phone emits. This fabric is a specific combination of diverse metals that allow our bags to provide both remarkable electric and magnetic shielding, particularly for near-field situations, such as when you hold a cell phone close to your body.

‘Shielding your body from cell phone radiation should be like wearing a seatbelt in a car’ Victoria Grantham – SHARKCHASER Co Founder and Chief Creative Officer

“I have no doubt in my mind that, at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.” Dr. Robert O. Becker, 2001 - Surgeon and researcher, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize

EMF’S are the new cigarettes, however they are invisible, you can’t see them, hear them or feel them, they are colorless, odorless and tasteless.

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