Beautiful Protection

Sharkchaser is a consciously crafted accessories brand that offers stylish protection from harmful cell phone radiation.

Everything is Connected

The New York-Based luxury handbag company founded by British designer Victoria Grantham, is the first and only design led accessory brand that addresses true holistic design, working towards mitigating environmental pollution for the planet, and electromagnetic cell phone radiation for our health.

Life is a balancing act. We all strive to reconcile our habitual behaviors with more conscious and considered practices. Led by a strong aesthetic, SHARKCHASER addresses this need for balance and a more integrated way of thinking by offering a unique product driven by purpose.

Why Sharkchaser?

“About 10 years ago, I was carrying my phone in a thin pouch attached to my body, for the good part of each day. I instinctively felt this could not be good for my health, a powerful mini-computer so close to my body for long periods of time. I began to research if cell phones were dangerous, and what effects they could have on our health. What I discovered led me to conceive SHARKCHASER.”

Designed to Protect

Creativity, beauty and good design lead in solving this problem, one that is facing all of us and that most don’t even know exists. We don’t want to give people horror stories, or shame them, we want people to get on with their lives without having to worry about it. We are not anti tech, but we are pro safe tech. Ultimately, we wanted SHARKCHASER to enrich people's lives, leading with creativity, beauty, pleasure and purpose, all in equal balance.

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