“A piece of work is not finished until the audience comes to it and adds their own interpretation to it.”

David Bowie, 1999



S H A R K C H A S E R is a New York-based luxury handbag company. Founder and Creative Director Victoria Grantham’s desire was to ultimately create an object of beauty, that allows you to move through your diverse worlds and experiences with confidence, ease and style.

S H A R K C H A S E R bags are designed for now, mixing classicism and functionality with playfulness, using details that are grounded in the necessary combined with luxury. Our bags are created by hand in Italy, focusing on superior Italian craftsmanship and materials.

S H A R K C H A S E R derives its name from the “Shark Chaser” repellent, a survival kit first issued by the US Navy and Air Force during World War II.  Comprised of copper salts and dye in a large cloth tea bag, it deterred potential shark attacks. 

S H A R K C H A S E R handbags have been designed with a unique, independently tested and approved, radiation shielding fabric that will protect your body from 99.99% of the electric fields and radio frequencies that cell phones emit.