Micro Bubble in Calf w/ Air Tubes

270 USD

Finest Italian calfskin from our trusted tannery, this little gem was made to carry all the little bits that can get lost in your bag, and with its genius strap, can be attached to any bag.

Embossed logo on front
Leather drawstring closure
Comes with a set of air tubes for great sound quality and safer hearing and speaking

D3.5 x H3.4 IN (9 x 9 CM)

All Sharkchaser products are made in Italy

REFERENCE: SC3.026.011

Air tubes are the safest way to speak on your phone, delivering optimum sound without the electromagnetic radiation arriving at your head from your phone. Traditional headphones can carry the radiation from your phone through the wire to your head. The healthy antenna technology of the air tubes and the copper shielded wire prevent the earphones from being used as an antenna, protecting your brain and eardrums from electromagnetic radiation. The air tube technology isolates the magnetic field and radiation source, while the copper wire is covered with a layer of net-shaped copper tape, which performs like a faraday cage, minimizing noise interference and improves sound quality. The earplug is a sound cavity free of magnetic fields and has no loudspeaker, but rather the loudspeaker is within the chambers of the headset, again avoiding damage to the eardrum and brain.  Traditional headphones have a loudspeaker inside the earplug. Air tubes also allow you to have extra distance from your phone with 155cm of total headset length, distance is key! The copper wire strands are 2.5mm wide, providing excellent strength and durability.


  • SENSITIVITY: 120± 3dB
  • CABLE LENGTH: 135cm

Please note that at this moment we do not provide the adaptor you may need to attach the headphones to your phone, depending on the model of your phone, as different phones need different adaptors

For Apple iPhone 7 or latest, you will need an MFI iPhone adaptor. This adaptor works with all devices that have a Lightning connector and support iOS 10 or later, including iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Earlier iPhone's including iPhone 5 and 6 can use our air tubes without an adaptor.

For Android or Samsung Phones, you will need a USB-C adaptor

Wellness and Sustainability
Suggested Care
Wellness and Sustainability

Our radiation shielding is one of the most powerful electromagnetic frequency (EMF) shielding fabrics in the world. A unique multi-metalized fabric with a Cobalt alloy top coating, providing remarkable radio-frequency magnetic shielding in near-field situations, such as when you hold your phone close to your body. 

Our Italian leather suppliers are members of the Leather Working Group, EU Reach compliant, hold ICEC certificates for environmental management, quality management, social accountability management and Iren Verde certificate of quality for use of renewable energy.

Your purchase will be shipped in a box using 100% recycled and low impact materials

Suggested Care

Sharkchaser has selected the most qualitative materials from trusted and accredited suppliers. The leathers have been selected to provide strength and durability to our bags. We are committed to sustainability from the choice of raw material, to processing and final product, all of which must be in total compliance with the most stringent regulations in terms of environmental impact.
Each skin is unique, any incidental tonal variations, marks or variations in color are natural features and should not be considered as defects or imperfections.
Each metal piece has been created and selected for it’s quality and will age beautifully over time.
To maintain the beauty of your bag, we recommend that you observe the following instructions:

  • Avoid contact with water, grease, harsh chemicals, perfumes or cosmetics.
  • If your bag should get wet, dab with a soft dry neutral cloth to absorb the moisture.
  • If your bag should get dirty, wipe the exterior with a soft damp neutral cloth or alcohol-free wipe.
  • Avoid rubbing your bag with anything coarse or abrasive.
  • Scratches may be reduced by gently massaging the skin.
  • When not in use, keep your bag inside the dust bag. This is a soft breathable un-dyed cotton bag that will protect the surfaces and it will help maintain the condition of the leather.
  • When not in use, try to keep your bag plumped, this will help maintain the texture of the leather and the shape of your bag.

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Micro Bubble in Calf w/ Air Tubes

Micro Bubble in Calf w/ Air Tubes

270 USD